Veritas 05J67-10 Table for Trimmers & Compact Routers

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Veritas 05J67-10 Table for Trimmers & Compact Routers 


If you own a handheld trimmer, you already know what a useful tool it is. Specifically designed for use with trimmers, this table is the ideal complement; it lets you make the most of the tool’s small size and maneuverability for freehand use and adds the stability, safety and control of a router table that is compact, portable and easy to store. The table and fence combination brings repeatable accuracy to a wide range of common routing operations.

The sturdy 390mm × 290mm table top is milled from 18mm Baltic birch plywood and has a low-friction laminate surface. Designed to accept the Veritas Compact Router Base Plates (offered separately), it has five levelling screws built into the table to ensure you can fine-tune the base plate height so it sits dead flush with the table surface. Two of the levelling screws also serve as insert nuts, accepting the two mounting bolts used to attach the base plate to the table. One of those mounting screws can be replaced with the pivot post (provided) for routing curves without the fence.

The 14" machined aluminum fence has a pair of laminate-clad sub-fences (each 190mm long) that can be adjusted to accommodate bit profiles for zero-clearance routing; integral top and face T-slot tracks can be used for mounting jigs and accessories, such as the included clear acrylic safety shield.

Changing bits is easy – either slide the barrel of your trimmer out of the base (leaving it attached to the plate) for easy access to the collet nut, or remove the two mounting screws and pull the entire trimmer through the table opening for bit changing (or freehand use).

This is a sturdy, versatile table that will greatly extend the utility of your trimmer. Made in Canada.

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