Veritas 05P33-74 Round Spokeshave PM11

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Veritas 05P33-74

05P33-74 Round Spokeshave PM11


Veritas' round spokeshave have been designed for smooth; effective chatter-free shaping of chair spindles; panel edges; paddles; tool handles and all other kinds of freehand shaping jobs.

The round bottom spokeshave are the general workhorses. They are the tools that you will pick up for practically every kind of woodworking activity.

This spokeshave has a 1/8inch (3.2mm) thick PM11 tool steel blade that is seated at 45 degrees to the sole. The thick blade; carefully machined lever cap and blade bed all combine to produce chatter-free cutting in virtually all conditions. Tool length is 260mm

"B" in the picture is the Round Spokeshave.

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