Torquata DSKIT-1 Drill Stop Set & Depth Gauge

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Torquata DSKIT-1  Drill Stop Set & Depth Gauge


Torquata Drill Stop Set with Drill Depth Gauge

Want repeatable depths each time you drill? The Torquata drill stop set is the perfect solution. With eight locking collars for different size bits, you can set a depth on your drill bit and repeat it time after time. 

Set your depth accurately and quickly using the depth gauge and lock the collar using the included hex key. Each size collar comes in a different colour making bit identification easy. Looking for that bit you use for on job? Grab the bit with the gold collar. Need that other bit you need for a different job? Swap to the bit with the blue collar.

Collar Size: (Internal Diameter)

  • 10mm - Silver

  • 9mm - Black

  • 8mm - Gold

  • 7mm - Purple

  • 6mm - Blue

  • 5mm - Green

  • 4mm - Orange

  • 3mm - Red

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