Torquata LBUFFSYS Three Step Lathe Buffing Spindle

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Torquata LBUFFSYS Three Step Lathe Buffing Spindle


The Three Step Lathe Buffing Spindle is the ultimate in economical buffing ensembles. Achieve a beautiful and durable wax finish on your woodturning projects with this unique lathe-mounted polishing system. This buffing spindle system is perfect for anyone wanting to get serious about polishing and buffing their work.

This fantastic three step polishing system enables you to buff your woodturning projects directly on your lathe. Simply mount the heavy duty #2 Morse Taper mandrel in your lathe’s headstock. Support with your live centre at the opposite end. Buffing passes are made with a Tripoli buff (linen wheel), White Diamond buff (linen/flannel wheel), and then Carnauba

Wax (flannel wheel). The final finish is very similar to multiple coats of lacquer but is softer and much deeper. Please note, this system requires a lathe with a minimum of 1/2 HP and a live tail stock of 60 degrees. It is also recommended that the wooden piece be pre-treated using Danish Oil. Read on to learn more.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x 200mm Tripoli buffing wheel LBUFFW1
  • 1 x 200mm White Diamond buffing wheel LBUFFW2
  • 1 x 200mm Carnauba buffing wheel LBUFFW3
  • 1 x Tripoli buffing bar LBUFFX1
  • 1 x White Diamond buffing bar LBUFFX2
  • 1 x Carnauba Wax buffing bar LBUFFX3
  • 2 MT 406mm heavy duty lathe mandrel to hold the buffing wheels
  • Hardware kit included

Mounting the system

  • Each wheel is stamped for easy identification
  • Mount the #2 MT end of the spindle into your lathe’s headstock
  • Mount the buffing wheels in the order of use – 1) Tripoli, 2) White Diamond, 3) Carnauba Wax
  • Insert the spacer sleeves in between the wheels, using a washer each side of each wheel for support
  • Tighten the setup with moderate pressure using a nut at each end of the spindle
  • Tighten in place with a heavy-duty 60 degree live centre in the tailstock

Using the system

  • Sand your wooden project to the finest grit possible
  • Apply a liberal amount of Danish Oil, rub into the wood and wipe off any excess
  • Turn the lathe on with a speed of 3000 rpm
  • Apply the relevant compound bar to each wheel until the fabric is loaded
  • Hold the piece tight and engage the Tripoli wheel with light pressure – DO NOT push deep into the wheel
  • Rotate the project around while buffing until the wood is well covered with compound and touch dry
  • Repeat using the White Diamond wheel
  • Finish using the Carnauba Wax on the third wheel
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