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Super Flat Router Table Fence


Stock: Available

Product Code: 23-156

This fence suits tables from 700-810mm wide

A fence you can lean on for accuracy.

The two most important parts of a router table is the flatness of the table top, and the squareness, flatness and rigidity of the fence. A lot of precision cuts ride on the quality of a fence. Literally. The Super-Flat Fences are #1 when it comes to providing a fence you can rely on for as long as its on your router table.

Independent Clamping System

Rather than attaching the fence directly to your table - each Super-Flat Fence comes with a mounting bracket set that can be configured to either attach to the bottom or the side of the table. The mounting bracket set is extruded and anodized black aluminium with multiple mounting points to evenly distribute the pressure of the mount system. Taking the pressure off locking the fence in place from the table top itself to these brackets that have zero-flex means that it cannot deform or damage your table top, leaving a perfectly smooth flat surface.

Recalibratable Scales

The sliding recalibratable scales sit in a channel in the brackets - providing a benefit of being able to zero from a reference point and then measuring from that reference point. For example - set your fence flush with the edge of a straight bit, recalibrate the scale to zero then move the fence back 6mm, set the height of the straight bit and use it as a rebating bit.

Rather than having to calculate measurements and then transferring to a scale where potential errors in translation can occur - use the sliding scale to recalibrate and work off zero every time so you know its right, the first time.

Heavy-Duty Engineered Fence

Both the mounting brackets and the main part of the Super-Flat Fence were designed with their particular shape so that when they are made and used, that they will remain perfectly flat in every application you can throw at it. Permanently.

All aluminium components are extruded from aircraft-grade aluminium and then CNC-milled to length with appropriate holes machined at the same time. This is done to ensure there is no warping or that any mistakes could occur from multiple-stage processing - its all done in one machining pass so everything lines up perfectly every time. 

The fence is then anodized in Sherwood orange. This gives you a 90mm-high tower of rock solid fence on your table so that you can pass your work pieces over your bit, knowing you are being fully supported by this fence with each cut. 

Quality Hardware

Not everything on this fence is aluminium but have been thoughtfully selected to give you the complete package. The main locking handles are rubberized and are large and comfortable to use. They lock the fence down on to the brackets with such rigidity you could literally push a table over with both hands on the fence without moving the actual fence. 

The sacrificial sub-fences are not just melamine faced but coated in UHMW polyethylene for a smooth surface glide of your work piece. They are a standard 18mm thickness so you can make your own sub-fences but if you want to replace them with the slippery-faced originals, they are available separately as listed above. The clearance in the fence with the sub-fences moved apart is 100mm - bigger than any commercial panel raising bit available. So you can get zero-clearance support to opening it wide for maximum extraction. 

The clear dust outlet has a 2 1/2in outlet for easy hook-up to standard 2 1/2in dust hose systems. We also recommend the Sherwood Router Table Dust Box because, when combined with the Super-Flat Fence outlet, can extract up to 99% of dust and shavings (appropriate clearance and extraction force necessary). The safety orange polycarbonate bit cover is clear so you can still see the bit clearly under the guard.

Full size 5/16in T-tracks are moulded into the top and front of the fence for attaching stops, feather boards or other custom fixtures. 

Offset Routing

One final benefit of the Super-Flat Fence straight out of the box is the offset fence spacers. The H-pattern spacers are offset slightly looked end-on, so that they can either provide a 1mm gap on one side, or a 2mm gap when flipped around. Two spacers are provided to give full support all the way behind the sub-fence. This offset on the outfeed fence allows you to use your router table and fence as a planer. When not in use, the spacers neatly store in the t-groove at the back of the fence so you'll never misplace them