Robert Sorby WPESQW Woodworkers Square Guide

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Robert Sorby WPESQW Woodworkers Square Guide


Robert Sorby WPESQW Woodworkers Square Guide

For the popular ProEdge sharpening machine Robert Sorby is pleased to announce the launch of its new Woodworker's Square Guide (ref PESQW). This simple to use jig has been designed as an upgrade to the current woodworking chisel jig (PESQ). The new jig can be adjusted to ensure exact and repeatable 90 degree angles can be achieved every time. A stepped plate raises the tool to be sharpened away from the tool platform. Ideal for sharpening chisels and plane irons.

Instructions to set up your new Robert Sorby Woodworker’s Square Guide.

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the abrasive belt and set the ProEdge tool platform to the flat and level position using the location pin and the locking spanner.

2. Place a set square (in North America this known as a triangle) onto the tool platform of the ProEdge and ensure the location slide bar is secure in the slot.

3. Loosen the two locking screws on the guide bar and place the set square against the abrasive belt back plate and set the guide bar up to the square edge.

4. Once the guide bar is perfectly square to the back plate, re-tighten the screws to lock it into place.

5. Ensure the required abrasive belt is fitted to the ProEdge and the belt tension is applied.

 The woodworkers’ square guide is now ready to use.

Place the tool platform to the desired angle using the angle location pin and the locking spanner.

Now place the chisel to be sharpened onto the guide plate and firmly hold it against the guide bar.

Switch on the ProEdge and slowly slide the woodworkers’ square guide together with the chisel from side to side until the chisel is sharpened.

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