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Robert Sorby RS330H Spiralling System


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Product Code: 05-374

Adding such decorations as spirals to turned pieces was once the domain of the privileged.

Now you can venture into this field and create spirals to your hearts content. The Robert Sorby Spiralling System is a further development on the texturing tool and is used to create both left and right handed spirals with ease. It features an innovative rest with indexed reference positions, which enable the replication of the spirals. Differing pitch and twist profiles are made possible by altering the presentation angle of the cutter or by changing the cutter to a different one.

The texturing tool is part of the system as well as a graduated rest, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm spiralling cutters. There are 5mm and 11mm cutters available as optional extras.

With these you can spiral goblets, candle holders, boxes, vases, bowls and spillikins.

Tip: Sharpening the cutters is easy. Just place the cutter in the vertical position up against a revolving piece of work and apply a diamond file flat on the bevel. This will keep the cutter in top condition.