Robert Sorby 12 peice Micro Set 888HS12

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Robert Sorby 12 peice Micro Set 888HS12


The Robert Sorby Modular Micro 12 piece (888HS12) set could be the answer for woodturners who like to work in miniature.

This resourceful series incorporates tools featured in Robert Sorby's pen set, hollowing set and micro spindle set plus a variety of versatile tools to hone the woodturner's skills.

The set consists of 1/2 inch roughing gouge, 1/16 inch parting tool, 1/2 inch gouge, 5/32 beading and parting tool, a micro boring tool, a swan neck hollowing tool, 1/4 inch skew, a round nose scraper, an undercut scraper, a French curve scraper ,a diamond undercut scraper and a 1/4 inch spindle gouge.

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