Razertip SSD10 Pyrographic Tool

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Razertip SSD10 Pyrographic Tool


Razertip burners feature near instant heat response and ultra sharp tips {120+ lines per inch} and your choice of the smallest or the toughest handpieces on the market.

There are over 250 tip shapes most of which are unique to Razertip. If you're looking for great value in a lifetime tool at a competitive price, Razertip is it.

The SSD10 is a dual handpeice unit with varible control so when changing tips or material it easily changed to suit you. Having the dual setup lets you change from one handpeice to another without turning the machine of and not having to disconnect your handpeice and alternate to your next handpeice. 

It comes standard with the HD9 handpeice & Tip for general use. Used much like a ball-point pen for writing, signing. Yields line approx. 1/32 - 1/16 inch wide, depending on heat setting and material being burned.

You can only use one handpeice at a time, it is not set up to use 2 handpeices at the same time.

There is easy switching from one handpeice to the other and easy variable control for your heat settings.

It comes standard with one HD9 handpeice & Tip for general use.

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