Torquata QA-080200 Quick Action Clamps 200mm x 80mm

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Torquata QA-080200 Quick Action Clamps 200mm x 80mm


F-clamps vary wildly in price and quality. While we can source and sell clamps that are worth half as much, these clamps come from a manufacturer that produces for the major global clamp brands. Taking one look at them its easy to work out who they are made for, however buying in the major brand names can cost twice as much or more. 

So what makes these clamps great? 

  • Soft grip handle is larger and more ergonomic, providing higher clamping pressure for less effort 
  • I-beam bar reduces flexing and bowing
  • Zinc-plated drawn bar and rolled steel screw for long service life
  • Malleable cast-iron heads will not crack under pressure
  • Precision cast heads ensures significantly improved parallelism between the posts
  • Smaller 80mm throat and lighter bar for better handling

The lower image shows the 80mm clamp compared to a normal 120mm clamp.

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