Pony Jorgensen 8024 610mm Parallel Clamp

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Pony Jorgensen 8024 610mm Parallel Clamp


Clamps come in many forms. And are a fundamental piece of kit for anyone who is into woodworking. No workshop, whether enthusiast or professional, should be without a comprehensive set of clamps.

If you need a square result every time, check out Pony Jorgensen’s range of Parallel Bar Clamps. These clamps have only one thing on their mind – being square. Great for building boxes, cabinets or assembling frame and panel doors.

Pony Jorgensen Parallel Bar Clamps

The Pony Jorgensen 90° parallel jaw bar clamp is your best friend. The large hard plastic jaws distribute clamping pressure over wide areas and stay parallel to assure square corners and prevent workpieces from bowing or lifting. Clamp square every time with Pony Parallel Bar Clamps.


How often do you work one handed? No worries. These Parallel Bar Clamps feature a built-in balancing foot that keeps your job stable during one handed clamping situations. Also allows for easy smooth adjustment of the clamps sliding head.


Ok, we get that you usually want to stick stuff together. What about when you want to push stuff apart? No worries, the Pony Jorgensen Parallel Bar Clamp features a reversable head. Simply reverse the head and use your clamp as spreader. Tweak cabinet builds, release joints or even prop stuff up with your new Pony clamp.

Affordable quality

Like all Pony Jorgensen clamps, these parallel clamps are made using the best of materials to exact standards. Yet these clamps are priced within reach of every woodworker. Check out the range available today.

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