Osmo 1101 Wood Wax Extra Thin Clear 2.5L

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Osmo 1101 Wood Wax Extra Thin Clear 2.5L


Osmo Woodwax Clear Extra Thin is a transparent finish for interior timber flooring which has a high resin or oil content.

Timbers such as Kwila, Merbau, and Rosewood have a high oil content which helps protect the timber against rot, blue mould and insect attack. These oils can retard the drying time of the thicker Polyx Oil. Timber with a high oil content can take up to 10-14 days for the Polyx oil to dry. It all depends on how much oil is present in your timber. A trial is suggested first to determine suitability.

Timbers with a high oil content, should be washed with a solvent (such as white spirit, or citrus turpentine) first, to remove any oil on the surface. When dry, OSMO Woodwax Clear Extra Thin can be applied as a primer coat for Osmo Polyx Oil or used as finish in its own right.

When using Osmo Woodwax Clear Extra Thin as the preferred finish for your floor, two coats are recommended. The oil will penetrate deeply into the timber's structure. Woodwax Clear Extra Thin is a totally matt finish, which will bring out the natural grain of the wood, and makes the surface water repellant and dirt resistant. To lift the level of finish from matt to a low sheen, Osmo's Liquid Wax Cleaner can be buffed into the timber.

Where a more durable finish is required, it may be possible to apply two very thin coats of Polyx oil over the top once the thin coats have cured. We suggest doing a trial piece first, to assess your timber's suitability.

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