Oltre HB0012 4 in 1 Corner Radius Routing Jig Template

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Oltre HB0012 4 in 1 Corner Radius Routing Jig Template


4 in 1 Carpenter's Corner Radius Routing Jig Template HB0012 by Oltre

4 in 1 Functions:

  • Baugger Corner Rounder Punch
  • Half Round Corner Radius Quick-jig
    • R10 R15 R20 R30
  • Router Table Template Jig
Operation Guide
  • A router bit with a bearing on the top should be used.
  • The height of the router bit / milling cutter must be adjusted before use. When the machine is not turned on, observe whether the milling cutter bearing and the fillet module are on the same plane to ensure that the milling cutter will not scratch the module, otherwise it may cause danger.
  • The solid wood should be cut from left to right along the wood grain, not upsideā€‘grain milling.
  • Made of premium aluminium alloy material and excellent oxidation treatment, which is rust resistant, wear resistant and durable.
  • A set of corner radius quick clamping, matching the corner type, perfect combination.
  • Easy to replace, loosen the brass screw, adjust to the required corner or replace the template, and then tighten the screw.
  • There are a variety of specifications to choose from to meet the needs of various work scenarios.

Perfect for Woodworking Enthusiasts: Ideal for both beginners and professionals looking to create intricate designs and patterns on their woodworking projects.

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