M Power Side By Side Diamond Sharpening Station MP-20165

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M Power Side By Side Diamond Sharpening Station MP-20165


Introducing the world’s most comprehensive bench stone sharpening package.

This sharpening station means the days of seeking out the best stones, and then the best strop, and then the best polishing waxes and finally lapping fluid are over. MPOWER have created the perfect combination of unique high quality sharpening equipment in one comprehensive “Big Boss” sharpening station. Perfect for anyone wanting a comprehensive methodology to sharpen edge tools quickly and easily.

Everything you need – one complete sharpening station

With a MPOWER Side by Side Sharpening Station, nothing else is required. This MPOWER 300/600/1200 grit bench stone sharpening and finishing ensemble includes:

  • 1 x 300, 600 and 1200 grit diamond stones
  • 1 x universal solid aluminium connector base
  • 1 x cleaning block
  • 3 x magnetic leather strop covers
  • 2 x types of strop leather – firm and smooth
  • 1 x 55g orange wax polishing stick
  • 1 x 55g white wax polishing stick
  • 1 x 55g blue wax polishing stick
  • 1 x 30ml fully synthetic lapping fluid
  • 1 x canvas case
  • Instruction booklet included

Why a 300/600/1200 grit sharpening station?

This MPOWER Side by Side diamond stone sharpening station offers you a Coarse 300 grit surface, perfect to quickly reshape an edge or take out any unfortunate nicks. Then use the Fine 600 grit surface to quickly bring up a cutting edge. Then jump on the Extra Fine 1200 grit surface to really sharpen your edge. Hone your edge using the polishing sticks and magnetic leather strops also included. The MPOWER Side by Side sharpening station provides you with all the accessories you need to get your blade maintained and razor sharp all contained in a secure canvas case.

Fast and clean is good

Sharpening can be a tedious job, particularly when you must set up and work through all the different stones to bring up your edge. Forget that. The MPOWER Side by Side diamond sharpening station means you have all your stones there and ready for use all at the same time. And because diamond stones produce little swarf, your comprehensive sharpening system is always clean and ready to go.

Built for work

This Side by Side sharpening station is solid and secure. The three diamond stones are held at the perfect height of 40mm off your bench. The base is solid aluminium heavy enough to stay in one place, yet light enough to be easily transported and stored in its tough canvas case. The base also features plastic nonslip feet on each corner, preventing any chance of slipping while you work. The surface of the base is smooth and easy to clean.

Free style recessed design

MPOWER’s non-linear Freestyle Recess design ensures that there is always an intersecting evacuation channel no matter which way the blade is positioned or moved on the surface. Lapping fluid suspends the sharpening debris and flows through the channels helping to reduce clogging or pasting of the diamond plate, which prolongs the period of sharpening and maintains abrasion rates.

Pressure bonding manufacture

The two plates are pressure bonded to the core using an oil and solvent resistant 3M adhesive. The result, a diamond stone offering the performance and flatness of the highest standard. This allows MPOWER to confidently back it with a 3 year “no quibble guarantee” that can be increased to 10 years guarantee through registration of the tool on the MPOWER website.

10 year stone guarantee

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