Luban LSSR-002 Spokeshave Round Sole

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Luban LSSR-002 Spokeshave Round Sole 


Round or curved soled spokeshaves can cut deeper, tighter curves than flat soled ones and are typically used for shaping edges.

Spokeshaves are, in essence, very short soled planes for working curved surfaces. Used for refining convex, biconvex, slightly concave, and concave/convex surfaces after initial shaping with the bandsaw and rasps. This delightful 265mm (overall length) Luban spokeshave is cast from bronze, with a satin finish, and a 50mm-wide T10 cutting iron hardened to RC60-63.

Spokeshaves are lovely tools to use, especially when you are really 'in the zone' as you need to be very aware of the grain to get the best from them. Always work with the grain, on a straight grained piece of timber this means working towards the centre of concave shapes and away from the centre of convex ones; i.e. always going downhill.

Round Sole Spokeshave Features

  • Bronze Spokeshave with a gorgeous satin finish

  • Beautiful for refining convex surfaces 

  • Cherry Handles

  • T10 Cutting Iron

  • Compact body with large, comfortable handles

  • Precise blade feed adjuster

Why do we love Luban's curved sole spokeshave?

Precise blade feed adjuster and a 3 mm thick blade, which, when adjusted for fine shavings, gives you a mouth opening of 0.5-0.8 mm. This makes this an indispensable tool both in bow making and for cutting round bars and edges in cabinet making. The compact plane body has comfortably large handles for easy control of the tool. For full-surface pressure without jammed shavings, the underside of the cap is taper-ground, which makes it easy to regrind if necessary. Radius of round version: 40 mm.

The solid bronze body has a precisely ground sole, together with the 3mm thick blades that are produced from T10 steel (60-63 HRC) signify the quality of this spokeshave. 

See the flat sole spokeshaves to order a replacement blade if necessary.

Round Sole Spokeshave Reviews

"It was razor sharp straight out of the box and was used immediately for an ongoing project. Everything about this tool screams quality, from the weight of the bronze to the action of the knurled tightening screws. In use it's extremely satisfying, with lots of tactile feedback through the wooden handles and a very smooth movement over the wood. It might be just because it's new, but this has instantly become my favorite woodworking tool."

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