Luban LRP-120 Knuckle Cap Rebate Plane

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Luban LRP-120 Knuckle Cap Rebate Plane


Similar to the specifications of the knuckle-cap block planes with a 165 x 44mm body and 44mm blade that is able to reach into an internal corner.

Best to think of it as a broad, comfortable shoulder plane rather than a block plane with added versatility and it pays to treat the open sides a little more gently than a standard block plane, particularly when it comes to tightening down the iron. 

The continuous U section of a standard plane provides a good deal of its stiffness, making it more important than usual to apply the minimum force necessary to hold the blade in position on this plane due to the design.

  • 3.2mm-thick high-carbon tool steel blade ground with 25° bevel
  • Solid cast bronze knuckle cap
  • Solid brass and steel knobs and fittings
  • Stress relieved ductile iron castings precision machined and lapped smooth and square
  • Comes with low 12 ½° bed angle
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