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Luban Bronze Low Angle Block Plane LBP-102


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Product Code: 23-542

Cast in bronze, these delightful little block planes are traditionally carried in the apron pocket, ready for immediate and frequent use. Compact and easy to use with one hand, like it's larger knuckle-cap block planes it has a 'smoother than liquid chocolate' low ratio type 3 adjuster.

In the early stages of a piece, an apron plane might be used to make small adjustments to the ends of squared timber blanks, or to create chamfers on waste material before it is cut away, both to aid visibility and prevent breakout. In the later stages it may be used to fine tune joinery or sliding components to achieve the desired fit; or to take tiny threads off sharp corners to strengthen them. In some cases it may even be needed after a piece is finished, to correct the odd squeak or binding drawer.

  • 137 x 35mm sole with 32mm-wide blade
  • 3.2mm-thick T10 carbon steel blade hardened to Rc60-63, ground with 25° bevel
  • Solid cast bronze body and knuckle cap (that won't rust!) precision machined and lapped smooth
  • Solid brass and steel knobs and fittings
  • Simple and easy adjustment of the blades using the rear knob