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Kreg Foreman Electric Pocket Hole Machine


Stock: Available

Product Code: 19-684

Features & Benefits
  • One pull of the handle starts the motor, clamps your workpiece, and drills perfect pocket holes
  • Works with materials from 12-38mm
  • Two spring-loaded stops for repeatable accuracy
  • Compatible with Micro-Pocket Bits and Heavy-Duty Bits
  • Built-in storage tray and dust collection attachment

Kreg's Foreman is here, here to make assembly of edge to edge, edge to face and end the edge joinery easier and faster than ever before. It is built with hobbyists and professionals in mind at a price within reach of both. For anyone doing frame and furniture joinery, this is the easiesy way of drilling pocket holes in material from 12mm to 38mm.

In one simple movement, the timber is clamped preventing any chance of movement, with a hole being drilled to the correct depth. Other Kreg pocket hole jig owners will be envious with how easy it is to use, gone is the clamping of material, reaching for the drill, inserting the drill into the guide block and drilling the hole, this does all of those steps by pulling on the handle.

The built in dust collection aides with dust extraction, pulling the chips towards the dust port, ensuring a cleaner working environment. A built-in storage tray means that accessories are easily accessible under the table top. Kreg's Micro-Pocket™ Bit and Kreg HD (Heavy-Duty) Bit are easily fitted when choosing to work with thinner of thicker materials.

Weighing in a 9Kg, it is light enough to be stored on a shelf in the workshop, and be lifted off and placed on a bench for use easily.


  • Standard bit and drill guide
  • Setting block and
  • Driver
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable fence with spring loaded stops