Milescraft MC-1361 Joint Pro Delux Dowelling Jig

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Milescraft MC-1361 Joint Pro Delux Dowelling Jig 


Versatility at its Best - Create Edge, Corner and Surface Joints with this Precise Doweling Jig

Even Novice Woodworkers Can Make Professional-Caliber Doweled Joints

JointPro™ quickly and accurately creates strong doweled joints. The interchangeable hardened steel bushing blocks allow you to drill up to six matching holes per set-up for each common dowel size - 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The self-clamping jig securely holds work pieces in place.

JointPro™ includes two detachable clamps allowing for horizontal or vertical positioning so you can drill into work pieces for butt and corner joints as well as being able to be aligned to drill dowel holes in carcasses for strong shelf joints etc.This doweling jig includes non-slip pads which prevent both slipping and marring and won't let your work piece slip!

Features & Benefits

  • Clamp both boards for precise hole alignment with main body and auxiliary clamp
  • Drill up to six matching holes per set-up
  • Interchangeable hardened steel bushing blocks for accurate joints
  • Non-slip pads prevents slipping and marring

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