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Baladonia TBFV-2 Front Vice Large


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Product Code: 23-399

Front vices are the most common type of woodworking vice. A solid cast iron plate mounts underneath the bench with the edge of the bench acting as one clamping face and another jaw is mounted on the front of the vice. The non-marring properties of timber make it a great choice for clamp jaws. Three posts (two guide posts and a screw) allow for smooth adjustment and positive, even clamping pressure.

The large front vice uses 19.5mm steel bar for the guide posts and 29.5mm tension screw with it being offset so that the vice doesn’t skew when clamping vertically. It has a clamping capacity up to 330mm (minus the thickness of the wooden jaws). The vice measures 265 x 530mm (width x length) overall.

Each vice screw is machined from solid steel bar and the thread is deep cut to prevent slippage in high-pressure clamping situations. The jaw fitting brackets are made from solid cast iron and are powder coated for long-life. The handle hole allows for handles to be mounted up to 1in (25.4mm) diameter.

Every bar is machined and checked for accuracy before leaving the factory to ensure perfect alignment. That way you are guaranteed that you are receiving a quality vice at an affordable price.