Dust Collection Kit DCK-2

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$155.00  Inc. GST

Dust Collection Kit DCK-2


This kit is great for people buying an extractor and not sure of their configuration in the workshop. It includes all the basic fittings you need to get started as well as a generous 2x 3m lengths of hose that normal retails for a similar price to this whole kit – making it great value-for-money!

The kit includes –

·      2x 3m lengths of 4in hose

·      10x 4in (102mm) hose clamps

·      4x 4in blast gates

·      1x 4in Y-Piece connector

·      1x 310x310mm 4in exhaust hood

·      1x 210x210mm 4in exhaust hood

·      1x 155x155mm 4in exhaust hood

·      1x 610x170mm 4in floor sweep

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