IGaging IG-350928 DigiAlign Digital Tool Alignment Gauge

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IGaging IG-350928 DigiAlign Digital Tool Alignment Gauge


Designed for completing numerous tests in your workshop, this digital alignment tool will allow you to test your table saw alignment, fence alignment; saw, router and drill press arbor run-out; set jointer knives, saw blade run-out and much more.

The Digi Align provides accurate measurements on any steel (cast iron) machine with a standard mitre slot (19.0 x 9.5mm). The magnetic mitre bar holds the tool tight against the edge of the mitre slot, while still allowing for sliding movement up and down the mitre slot to check fence-alignment-to-mitre-slot or saw-blade-to-mitre-slot. The easy-to-read, 3-way digital indicator gives you readings in metric, inch or fractional increments. It has a 25mm range, will read to within 0.01mm/0.0005in and features both an ABS-Hold function and a data output for your computer.

The indicator has a 9.5mm hole on the back mount and can be used with all alignment tools such as height gauges and magnetic base holders that use a standard dial indicator. 

Battery is included.

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