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Delux Dado Saw Blade Set 203mm x 5/8" bore


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Product Code: 23-417

A world-first development – a METRIC width dado stacking set!

In the many years we have been selling dado sets, one frustration a lot of Aussie customers have told us is that they are all universally designed with imperialblades, chippers and shims. That means you have to do relatively complicated calculations to convert to metric. And that's just plain stupid. There is every chance of making a mistake while doing this and potentially ruining a nice piece of timber. have to start all over again. Well, folks - those days are over!

Having tired of hearing our customers lament over this situation time and time again, we wondered how difficult it would be to have a metric dado set produced.

Actually,  it was pretty easy!

The only two imperial measurements you'll find with this dado is its diameter - 203mm (8in) and the bore - 15.9mm (5/8in) . We did this so the set fits most Australian dado-compatible table saws. But that's where the imperial silliness ends.

The two outer blades have 24 teeth and stack to make a 5.9mm-width groove for undersize 6mm boards, that can be shimmed to exactly 6.0mm with an included 0.1mm metric shim. 

The set includes six 4-Tooth chippers. The reason behind selecting the four tooth chippers is because of the improved performance and finish - making this dado stack suitable for long and cross grain cutting - but also for dado'ing boards such as ply and cutting end-grain which is handy when using a dado for box joints etc. 

The chippers included are listed below. They have been specifically selected in these widths so when you stack them you can move in whole or half millimetre increments. Then using the metric shims, you can finesse the thickness to perfection. Each chipper has a unique shape cut-out in the body so you can quickly identify what the thickness is without having to measure it.

  • 1x 1.5mm
  • 1x 2.5mm
  • 3x 3.0mm
  • 1x 3.5mm

It also includes 9 precision stainless shims measuring the following thicknesses – 

  • 2x 0.05mm
  • 3x 0.10mm
  • 2x 0.20mm
  • 2x 0.30mm

Combining the blades, chippers and shims allows you to build your dado from 5.9 – 23.5mm wide – in 0.05mm increments. No more more conversions - just basic calculations - saving you time and ensuring that you won't make ruin another piece of work trying to convert accurately from imperial. Those days are over!