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Carbatec 200mm Slow Speed Bench Grinder 1450rpm


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Product Code: 19-357

Our slow speed grinder is a full 750W (1HP) motor, with performance that way exceeds its size and price. Unlike other brand grinders, we don't 'down spec' the product to 'save a penny'. 

As your tool and machine collection grow, so does the need for maintenance.  This low speed grinder has been developed to help you to keep your tools sharp and ready to use.  Most standard bench grinders run at more than 2800RPM, and with extra speed, comes extra heat.  Heat build-up while grinding destroys the temper of your tool steel.  The Carbatec Low Speed Grinder runs at only 1450RPM, meaning less heat and less temper degradation (blueing).  LOWER SPEED = MORE TORQUE! 

The 2x large 8” (200mm) wheels offer minimal hollow grind and are both Aluminium Oxide made specifically for HSS and other tool steel.  Standard ‘grey’ wheels are for general grinding, not sharpening.  We supply an 80G & 120G wheel, so you can easily reshape and sharpen your tools, ready to use, without having to change wheels.  We have done away with the small magnifier guards found on most grinders, in favour of a large, clear guards, with sturdy steel wire supports.  These will give you a more accurate visual reference, but also a longer life. 

Flat & robust tool rests are included, and with a host of accessories available, you can easily build a powerful sharpening station around this unit.  We have specified a 5/8” spindle, so you can also fit many other aftermarket grinding, finishing & polishing accessories