Benchcrafted Retro Vice Leg Criss Cross Only BCRCC

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Benchcrafted Retro Vice Leg Criss Cross Only BCRCC


We offer the Crisscross two ways. Both function identically. The arms in both the Solo and Retro are identical. The difference is only in how you install each version into your bench. If the information below doesn't suffice, please read through the Crisscross installation instructions which clearly show how each version installs.

The Crisscross Retro doesn't use the 3/8" steel mounting pins. Instead, it features two cast iron brackets which hold short, steel pivot pins. The Retro bracket fastens to the bottom of the Crisscross mortise, so you don't need to drill any holes for pivot pins with the Retro, which makes it a better choice if you're retrofitting a bench with a Crisscross. 

You can also use the Retro in a new bench, even if you have access to a drill press, if you'd prefer the installation method of the Retro.

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