Benchcrafted BCPS-1 Workbench Traditional Planing Stop

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Benchcrafted BCPS-1 Workbench Traditional Planing Stop


Workbench Traditional Planing Stop: You could make your own, or...

Simple toothed planing stops aren't a new innovation, nor a complicated one to knock up in any metalworkers workshop. However, by securing high-quality materials and keeping the price-point competitive, Benchcrafted have created a compelling reason to stick to what you want to create, and leave the rest to them.

The choice is yours.


  • Mild steel

  • Milled teeth into the stop

  • Easy removal for sharpening

  • Lightly deburred with abrasive paper to maintain sharpness

  • Mounts to wooden stock via two machine screws and a single barrel nut

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