Baladonia CVCK-12 Beginners Carving Tool Set 12pc

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Baladonia CVCK-12 Beginners Carving Tool Set 12pc


A fantastic value, beautifully presented package and excellent gift for starting carving - these finely crafted tools come in a beautifully finished wooden case and provide the beginner everything they could possibly desire to start producing excellent quality work!

These fine carving tools have pristine Hornbeam handles and carbon tool steel blades, which deliver excellent accuracy and smooth finishing in an easy to hold design that's been ergonomically formulated to enhance a user's control - no matter the expertise.

This set of 12 chisels includes the following sizes:

  • 60°-V 13mm wide
  • 45°-V 10mm
  • #8 Profile 6mm
  • #7 Profile 6mm
  • #7 Profile 10mm
  • #7 Profile 16mm
  • #7 Profile 20mm Fishtail
  • #1 Skew 16mm
  • #1 Straight 6mm
  • #7 Profile 12mm Long Spoon Bent
  • #1 Profile 12mm
  • #1 Profile 18mm Long Spoon Bent
  • #6 Profile 25mm

Each chisel is approximately 220mm long with 70mm blades and 120mm handles.

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