Baladonia DJ12 12" Dovetail System

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Baladonia DJ12 12" Dovetail System


Dovetail joints are as traditional to woodworking as you can get. Years ago, cabinetmakers would saw these by hand and clean them with a chisel but with modern technology comes a much quicker and easier way to create dovetails.

While dovetails are quite specialized and only generally used for ornamental purposes these days, you can create simple but stunning boxes of many shapes and sizes using the Baladonia Dovetail System.

Being a Baladonia Tool, the dovetail system is quick and easy to setup and you’ll be finishing your first dovetails in less than half an hour!

The Baladonia system comes standard with a 1/2in half-blind template for the most simple of joints that can also be used for assembling drawers. Also available are a range of templates that are more attractive, interesting and unique for that extra wow factor.

To find out how the basic Baladonia Dovetail Jig works with the half-blind template watch our demo video below.

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