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Woodcut CBN Sharpening Wheels

Grinding Wheels 

• Smooth grinding from 100 to 3500 rpm

• Cool cutting- no burnt or blue edges

• Only light pressure required

• CBN wheels retain their shape and size

• Very long lasting

• Don't require dressing or conditioning

• Fine and even finish to tools

What is CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)?
CBN abrasive is a similar product to synthetic industrial diamonds.
CBN is composed of nitrogen and boron as very very hard crystals - second in hardness only to diamond. A single layer of CBN grit on the surface of a metal wheel can grind the hardest steel and last for many years.
Our electroplated CBN grinding wheels are machined from solid steel, electroplated with a layer of CBN grit and nickel plated.
A CBN wheel is far better suited for sharpening high speed steels and will withstand the friction from grinding with much less heat produced than with a diamond wheel.

Using a Tru-Grind CBN wheel
Sharpen your tools in the same way as with a conventional stone wheel on a standard bench grinder. Wheel speed can be anything up to 3000 rpm. Only minimal pressure is required.
Be careful not to not knock the tool accidentally against the spinning wheel because you might dislodge some of the precious particles of CBN grit.
Treated with care, your CBN wheel will last for many years.
If preferred, the grinder wheel shrouds can be removed as there is no danger of the CBN wheel breaking up, as there can be with conventional wheels.
Normal safety eye protection should however always be used.

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