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Scrollsaw Blades

BLADE SELECTION TIPS: Scrollsaw Blades, Piercingsaw Blades

Almost any job you do can be performed with a variety of blades. Coarser blades will generally cut faster and longer, Finer blades will produce fine detail and smoother edges.

Our suggestion: try different sizes, then use the largest blade that gives you satisfactory detail and finish for your
particular project. That way, you get the results you need while maintaining maximum sawing speed and blade life.

The capacities given are only a guide. If you require fine detail on thick work it is possible to cut some thicker materials with fine blades.

Only experimentation will give you the definitive answer for your use.

GOLDEN RULES OF BLADE SELECTION: Scrollsaw Blades, Fetsaw Blades

When cutting thin material, always ensure that whatever blade you select for your job, two blade teeth will always be in contact with the material.

Steer clear of selecting fine blades when cutting fine grained timbers (such as fruit wood, beech, etc.) if you do not -
you will find the blades burning the timber. You will find that you can get a very fine finish on such timbers by selecting quite coarse blades.

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