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Rustins Plastic Coating

Rustin's Clear Plastic Coating - Gives a long lasting protective finish to fine furniture and interior woodwork. The toughest finish for all furniture and interior woodwork. EASY TO APPLY ( just mix & brush on ) very economical, a small quantity coats a large area. Heat, abrasion, impact, alcohol and solvent resistant, quick-drying clear coating. Plastic Coating gives an excellent mirror-like Gloss finish to turned wood and marquetry, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood veneers. Also excellent finish for Musical Instruments.

How to use

1 In a small glass or polythene container (I use a small plastic film container) mix well one part hardener to four parts plastic coating. For example I use a plastic teaspoon and mix one teaspoon of hardener to four teaspoons of plastic coating. You will be surprised how far this will go and once mixed, it is good for 2 or 3 days in an open container.

2 Now all you do is brush on 3 or 4 coats at approximately 1 hour intervals, apply quickly and evenly, do not over-brush. It is important to apply all the coats on the same day.

3 Leave for about 2 days to harden. This will allow the coating to harden thoroughly to enable it to be polished to a very smooth, highly polished surface, a lasting clear brilliant gloss.

4 Lightly rub this hardened surface to a smooth matt appearance with 0000 steel wool or 600 wet and dry silicone carbide paper, taking care not to rub through on the edges.

5 MIRROR - LIKE GLOSS FINISH Now burnish the smooth matt surface with the Burnishing Cream. Apply with a damp cloth, start with hard pressure but finish with light pressure, polish off with a soft dry cloth.

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