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Kunos Natural Oils

Unlike conventional coatings LIVOS oils impregnate and protect the surface rather than creating a plastic film on top.

Advantages are many; Livos oils will not edge bond (glue) the boards together.  Grain and colour of the timber surface is intensified. On timber, cork and concrete, rejuvenation is simple and floors do not require re sanding as well as minor scratches may be easily repaired. Pleasant smell. Healthier living environment and peace of mind.

Wood is one fo the oldest materials used. Aside from inexhaustible riches of design and colour variations, the biological building qualities create a comfortable living and working environment. Furniture, stairs and floors made from timber radiates warmth and a distinctive look. For a long lasting surface, Livos offers a complete range of non toxic plant based products that take your health into consideration.

Timber floors and stairs are areas highly prone to wear and tear. These areas should be easy to maintain and be protected from moisture and dirt. Rejuvenation is simply applying some oil to the traffic areas. No sanding back required. Staining is also possible.

For furniture to be limed, oiled or waxed surfaces must be saturated and treated with the correct product to be protected against dirt, water or red wine stains. Furniture may be stained in many bright colours and sealed to protect in areas of wear and tear.

A  timeless beautiful surface is achieved when surfaces that have been treated with the Livos products are cleaned and rejuvenated with the correct Livos product.

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