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Flocking Powder

Loose flocking powder is an ideal way to get that suede felt-like surface in fancy boxes and other presentation cases.

Seal the timber first with a sanding sealer, this prevents the glue from soaking straight into your timber and not holding the Flocking Powder.

The glue required is water based paint, The easiest way to obtain this is to go to your local paint shop with the flocking powder and ask for a sample pot matching the same color.

Coat the surface with coloured glue and sprinkle onto this the flocking powder. Leave for 24 hours for the glue to cure properly. This will give you and even coating on your project.Tip off any excess and you have an attractive finish that fits unusual shapes perfectly.

Available in 8 attractive colours in hobby and professional sized containers.

Before you use the powder run it through a sieve to break up the clumps that may have formed while in the package. This will give you a more even coating on your project.

To glue the flocking powder to your project you can use the white PVA or for better color match go to your local paint store and get a sample pot of the matching paint.

Coverage is approx 1.5sqm for the 85g pack.

Have a look here for the Suede Tex Flocking Instructions

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