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Diamond Sharpeners

Eze-lap Diamond Products are the pioneers and originators of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970’s. Their patented diamond bonding process of heat treatment, bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy, to a precision matched metal substrate producing a superior diamond sharpening product.

This process has been imitated over the years but has never come close to being duplicated. Eze-lap Diamond Sharpeners come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all woodworking needs. They are quick and easy to use.The diamond plates are precision flat and will not dish out. No water or lubrication is required during use.

The four different grits offer variations in sharpening and finish. Eze-lap Diamond Sharpeners remove metal and polish, giving  the woodworker the ultimate edge on their tools

SF Super Fine 1200 Professional Finish
F Fine 600 Normal Usage
M Medium 400 De-Burring
C Coarse 250 Fast Removal
XC Extra Course 150 Very Fast Removal

Users Guide

All EZE-LAP Products start out rough. This is due to residual diamonds being left “proud “ of the locking substrate during the final manufacturing process.

Over a short usage time the surface gets very smooth, this is the way they should be. As the surface wears down, it exposes more of the imbedded diamond crystals, this actually makes the sharpener cut faster!. The smoother they are the better they work.

EZE-LAP products need regular cleaning as residue becomes trapped between the diamonds. To check for residue rub your finger on the surface, if you pick up a grey/black deposit ...the product needs cleaning.

Scrub the surface with a nailbrush dipped in detergent and water, rinse and dry thoroughly. This simple care and will keep your product in top condition for years of use.

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