Pen Turning upgrade

Pen turning never got so easy.

We now have a professional pen turners starter kit.

The kit includes the usuall pen parts to get you started but what makes this kit unique is that you get 3 HSS Tin coated drill bits:6.8, 6.9 and 7mm. Also included is the universal mandrel, this mandrel lets you turn the standard Pen 1 kits but also is adjustable for the other style of pen kits from the 2 tube to the single tube pens like Sierra and Elegant Beauty.

The 2mt mandrel is adjustable so no need to find other packers to take up the space.

This mandrel is the standard 7mm so all other bushes will fit directly onto it.

To compliment this for those who already have a standard mandrel and want to upgrade to the Universal Pen Mandrel this comes complete with the 2mt mandrel, bushes for Pen 1 lock nuts spanner and allen key.

One of the problems trying to turn the pens is not being able to get close enough to the mandrel. Now we have fixed this problem by using the Delux 2mt Slim Live Centre.
The point of the centre is at 60 degrees to match the recess in the end of your mandrel and it is a slim 12mm in diameter. The overall diameter of the bearing housing is 27mm with 3 bearings and a thrust bearing so giving you positive drive.

This is ideal for all those precision jobs you have in mind.

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