Brisbane Packed & Ready to go

We are all packed and our stock is on its way.

What a busy week that was getting all our displays ready and all packed by wednesday for the Agility couriers to pick up.

It is always frantic chasing stock that should have been here then finding couriers that dont deliver when asked. In the end it is a relief to see the boxes go and realise most of the hard work has been done now we sit back and relax for a couple of days and sort out all the muddles.


We fly out of Avalon airport on tuesday morning, hopefully not fog bound like last year where we have a 4 hour delay till it cleared. We will have a relaxing tuesday afternoon then into it full on wednesday and thursday setting up for a great show. Then back to Geelong on the monday , who said it was a holiday.

We hope to see all our northern friends and put on a good display for everyone.

EEE have been working very hard behind the scenes advertising and promoting the show so we hope they get their just rewards for a big effort that they have put in.

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