Home from Sydney

Things happen in three's

We had a fairly uneventful trip to Sydney and set up in good time for the show. Should have kept my mouth shut.

1/ On the way back to our motel Irene and Brendan complain of a noise in the rear of the Nissan.

So early next morning I dash to Randwick Nissan in the hope they can look at the at it today, no hope Monday at the earliest, 2/ so I get a taxi back to the show but we get the driver from hell and the inevitable happens he runs into the back of the of a commodore, no real damage so on we go.

3/ Get to the show and one of the cleaners tells me they have had an accident, the buff caught the lead and damaged our display cabinet, so of to the expo guys for a quick fix.

After all that we have a good weekend and the organisers tell us the attendance was as expected so a good weekend for all.

So the Nissan people strip the rear end and dont find any fault, we get the car back on Tuesday at 11 am and head home, all is good so far.

Well back home again and getting ready for our next trip to Adelaide

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