Sydney here we come

Sydney here we come.

All packed and ready to go, topped up with more stock and a couple of new things to show of to the Sydney crowd.

We have just received in the mail a different type of smock as used by English and American woodturners. Now these are not cheap but they do feel really comfortable. They are longer than we are used to as well as having pockets in the rear. a handy place for callipers, pencils etc and not fill up with shavings.

They are large enough if you do get any shavings in that they will shake out of easily.

Another new item is the Oneway balancing system, this is a pair of balancing wheels for your bench grinder.

This helps eliminate the vibration on your bench grinder and enables you to get a cleaner grind on your tools.

Basically you set up the wheel on the jig and get it into balance. Once in balance place on your grinder then dress true then put back on the balance jig and just check. Then back on the grinder and ready for your sharpening.

At the moment we have the jigs to suit 8" wheels.

To give it a try one of our local guys came over with his grinder that we knew had issues and after spending about 20 minutes we had both wheels balanced and re trued and a bench grinder that sits on the bench and hums nicely where as before we had to clamp the grinder to the bench as it vibrated of the bench.


These are not on the web site as yet we will do this once we get back from Sydney if we have stock left.

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