Heading for Sydney

Well the long weekend is here and I think we have everything ready for the trip north to Sydney.

We are looking forward to seeing all our freinds at the Sydney Working With Wood Show 18-21st of June.

For those that have not been there before it is at the Horden Pavilion in Moore Park.

We will have Brendan Stemp with us demonstrating the Woodcut Tools on the Vicmarc Lathes.

We have been warned to bring the umbrellas as it has not stopped raining, strange that though as I dont think we have been to a show in Sydney when it has not rained.

There is a lot of new demos at the show as seen with the ads in the Australian Woodworker.

Neil Ellis U Beaut all types of finishing

Neil & Liz Scobie alternative ways of decorating and finishing your work.

Guilio Marcolongo Turning demos

EEE are doing a lot to make these shows memorable for everyone concerned

See you all there next weekend.

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